Character Rig

These days I’ve been working on getting the character rig working. Initially tried using a series of images to animate movement. This would be the traditional way I think, but it was a bit of a nightmare for someone not accustomed to this kind of work. Lot of skilled people on this forum are great at this, but I needed to come up with another way.

The character rig involves dividing up an image in to 5 quadrants, and than deforming those quadrants to simulate movement. The chest is the common section that connects all parts and does not deform:

Chest (Common Area )
Left arm
Right arm

Each quadrant get assign a deform curve. A bias is used to concentrate points toward the front or the back of the curve. The points that make up the visible quadrant and it’s triangles are than computed from the curve. A simple bend deformer is than used on the curve to get it to bend and simulate movement.

The same curves can also be used to bend forward and back.

I added a bunch of controls to Maya simplifying image alignment and bend settings.

Next step is to create some animation loops to get everything to move nicely.


Have a good one.

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