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Intergalactic DestructoPod Games

A high action trench flying demolition extravaganza. The Caldera aliens have chosen you as their latest earth carbonoid to fly in the Intergalactic DestructoPod games. Here multiple courses will test your flying skills, marksmanship, combat reflexes, and puzzle solving ability. Complete all the levels, earn your freedom and make it back home. Speed and collateral damage are rewarded so there is no holding back. Mayhem awaits.

Fresh Carbonoids Wanted

The Caldera search the galaxies looking for the best carbonoids to fly their very precious handmade pods.

And so it would be on one quiet prairie night, that you would be selected and become the latest DestructoPod racing recruit.

Enter The DestructoDome

These forbidden games are held in trench arenas on remote moons out of the watchful eye of the authorities. Scientists have long pondered how such an advanced alien race could be so enamored with this most primitive form of entertainment.

The ancient sport of trench flying a pod through obstacles of blasters has always been popular with the Caldera Aliens. Abducted carbonoids are forced to navigate a course of certain death as the aliens watch from above in amusement.

The game is not without it’s rewards. Each carbonoid’s successful completion of the obstacle courses not only wins them their freedom but glory through out the entire Universe.


  • Fully Dynamic Real Time Destruction Simulation. Mind blowing demolition FX.
  • 21 Levels of Mayhem. Multiple types of courses to indulge all your senses.
  • Multiple Weapons: Cannon Balls, Grenades, Bombs, Rockets. Unlimited fire power.
  • Customize your pod. Create your own skin for the weekend warrior in you.
  • Destruction Level Throttling. Got the meanest machine on the block? We got you covered. Up the mayhem to your delight.
  • Your one stop for family fun and entertainment value.
  • BONUS: Mindless Mayhem Level. Stressed out? This level is for you. Endless customizable mindless destruction with instant reset will ease your tension and provide hours of relief.


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