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The Ultimate Destructorama

A high action trench flying demolition extravaganza. The Caldera aliens have chosen you as their latest earth carbonoid to fly in the Intergalactic DestructoPod games. Here multiple courses will test your flying skills, marksmanship, combat reflexes, and problem solving ability. Speed and collateral damage are rewarded so there is no holding back. Mayhem awaits.

Intergalactic DestructoPod Games

The ancient sport of trench flying a pod through obstacles of blasters has always been popular with the Caldera Aliens. Abducted carbonoids are forced to navigate a course of certain death as the aliens watch from above in amusement. Those who successfully complete all the levels win back their freedom and glory for their planet.

The Caldera search the galaxies looking for the best carbonoids to fly their high performance pods. It had long been rumored that the best pilots could be found in the Milky Way galaxy. So it was only a matter of time before the Caldera aliens would come calling seeking recruits.

Abduction To The DestructoDome

Despite the astronomical odds, today you are the lucky chosen one to have the honor of representing Earth as its finest specimen to compete in the games.

Whisked away to the fabulous DestructoDome many light years away, it is now up to you to show what earthlings are made of. Will you succeeded, earn your freedom and join the ranks of the elite pilots who’s skills are applauded throughout the universe? Or written off in to the annals of galactic history embarrassing all humanity?  The DestructoDome awaits.


Player flies pod through obstacle course, collects ammunition, and destroys all primary targets. Primary targets are cannons, UFOs and satellite dishes. Once all primary targets are destroyed, player must find the finish line to end the level.

Each level has a par time, the average amount of time it should take to destroy all the primary targets and finish. Bonus points are earned by improving on the par time. Collateral damage is rewarded. Bonus points are earned by the percentage of the level that is destroyed. All primary target direct hits are also rewarded with bonus points plus additional ammunition.


  • Run or Fly. Fly the pod or run the course as first person, Two completely different playing experiences.
  • 21 Levels of Mayhem. Multiple types of courses to indulge all your senses.
  • Multiple Weapons: Cannon Balls, Grenades, Bombs, Rockets. Unlimited fire power.
  • Customize your pod. Create your own skin for the weekend warrior in you.
  • Destruction Level Throttling. Got the meanest machine on the block? We got you covered. Up the mayhem to your delight.
  • Fully Dynamic Real Time Destruction Simulation. Mind blowing demolition FX.
  • Your one stop for family fun and entertainment value.
  • BONUS: Mindless Mayhem Level. Stressed out? This level is for you. Endless customizable mindless destruction with instant reset will ease your tension and provide hours of relief.