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The DestructoDome

The ancient sport of trench flying takes place at the Fabulous Destructo Dome, a small meteorite outpost in the neighboring Ford Galaxy.

This ancient sport of flying a pod through obstacles of death has always been popular. The rules are simple: Destroy or be destroyed.

Carbonoids Wanted

Aliens spawn in the back of the Ford Galaxy have always had an unquenchable thirst for demolition and have brought these long banned games back for their twisted amusement.

Fresh carbonoids are selected from across the universe and recruited to fly their maze of certain death.

Wilbur’s Life Changes Forever

And so it would be on one quiet prairie night, that Wilbur would be selected and become the latest DestructoPod racing recruit. A life changing moment for Wilbur.

Help Wilbur survive and make it back home.


  • Fully Dynamic Real Time Destruction Simulation. Mind blowing demolition FX.
  • 21 Levels of Mayhem. Multiple types of courses to indulge all your senses.
  • Multiple Weapons: Cannon Balls, Grenades, Bombs, Rockets. Unlimited fire power.
  • Customize your pod. Create your own skin for the weekend warrior in you.
  • Destruction Level Throttling. Got the meanest machine on the block? We got you covered. Up the mayhem to your delight.
  • Your one stop for family fun and entertainment value.
  • BONUS: Mindless Mayhem Level. Stressed out? This level is for you. Endless customizable mindless destruction with instant reset will ease your tension and provide hours of relief.

Enter The DestructoDome

A rhodium of wreckage.
A cornucopia of Collision.
A Ballet of Ballistics.
The Dance of Demolition.

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