Early Release

Hi, DestructoPod is now in early release and available on Steam. Getting the game to the release stage was pretty involved. I’m using Steam’s controller system to handle controller input. Initially the game was setup just for XBox controllers . But when I heard about Steam’s system, I knew I had to integrate it. Now you can attach and configure anything. Super flexible.

Getting the flight controls dialed in has taken awhile. DestructoPod requires the player to fly and aim well. The pod is capable of hard U-turns in very tight trenches. Putting subtle and aggressive flight moves in a single control stick that only has about an inch of movement is highly problematic. You can either make it easy to fly or to aim, not both.

The first test used one stick to fly and the other to aim independently of the pod. The aim point needed to stay in the pod’s field of vision. So as the pod turned the aim would as well. I thought this was really hard to play.

Next I set both controller sticks to do the same thing but have different sensitivities. The aim stick is used to fly gradually and aim, while the flight stick is far more aggressive. My setup uses the left stick for aiming and the right for flight. The allows me to use the right buttons for shooting and aim the pod at the same time.

With all the game functionality worked out, the game is now getting some polish. Started with updating the trench walls. Here I used a planet generator to output a cool rocky texture.

A trench fly through with one of the new textures.

Cheers, H

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Tower Tests