First Game Play

Finally some game play. I’ve been slowly working on levels and trying to get the flying in order. I’ve opted for a point and follow method. Initially I wanted to make some real flight controls, but that was too hard. Probably best to just integrate an off the shelf flight simulator. But this method makes the pod easy to fly.

One challenge was trying to get the aiming just right. Being a plane, I didn’t want it to be too exact, but adding too much play made it impossible to hit anything. Trying to find that sweet spot.

I’ve also started work on the options interface.

Press ESC and the menu window pops up. Quickly lets you make adjustments to controls and audio etc. I am using IMGUI for this. Really easy and nice to use. Glad I came across it. Highly recommend.

Now working on setting up a small db that will store player high scores.


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