Lasso Issues 2

While springs are great for all sorts of things, they are one hell of a pain to dial in right. Start adding mass and things get even more complicated. Can be a maddening process, but I think the springs are starting to behave:

Fixed the missing lasso sections by simply sorting all the lasso sprites by depth. Was hoping to avoid this. I figured that because the lasso draw is started closest to the camera, they would naturally be sorted close enough. This of course did not work at all when it came to looping.

Swapped out the lasso targeting system. I was using a ray cast from the camera to the far clip plane. This made aiming problematic because it doesn’t take in to account how close an object is to the camera. You could point directly at an object and miss it completely. Now I use a world space map that gets computed during the rendering phase. Aiming is now super easy.

The lasso is something that I really need to play test a lot. Simply changing the spring values can make the lasso a lot harder to use.  Need to find that sweet spot between fluidness and control.

Take it easy.


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Lasso Issues
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