Particle FX

Working with more particle f/x these days. I have a very basic particle system to work with. In the future, I’d like to hook up to a more complete thirdparty system.

I think the blast needs to emit a lot more light.

Im also working on a tool that helps generate small geometry parts. I noticed that adding small detail parts to generic concrete and wood debris really improves the look a lot. In the following shot, you can see how small details objects have been attached to the tower on the left:

The main problems is that they seem to be floating and not attached. This can be remedied by adding some dirt, shadow, or even ambient occlusion to the attachment area. I’m not able to do that so Im considering a dirt projection system that darkens the attachment area. Dirt could than be blurred downwards to give a runny rust look.

The method would be similar to how I handle sand deformation. Instead of doing distance calculations using an upward pointed orthographic camera, Id just switch the orientation to the grid plane normal and measure the attachment area from the plane’s perspective.

Cheers, H

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