Plasma Lasso

With the plasma lasso, I was looking for something that could be emitted at different speeds and have a laziness to it. Sort of like a garden hose. More powerful lassos would take longer to emit, while weaker lassos are much quicker.

The plasma lasso consists of a spring particle system with an anchor line. Particles are emitted from the lasso gun. As they are emitted, they are connected via springs. Each particle has 5 spring connections. The first two rope springs connect the particle to each neighbor particle. This keeps the particles equal distant from each other. The second two bend springs connect the particle to it’s neighbor’s neighbor particle. This keeps the lasso from bending too much, or looping around itself. The last spring is an anchor spring that connects to the aim line. The aim line is drawn from the gun to the target.

Springs are touchy bastards, so I set up some controls that let me play with spring strength and dampening.

Making the springs stronger helps with aiming, but loses fluidness. Make springs too weak, and suddenly its becomes a lot harder to aim. Particle emission speed also influences how quickly you can hit a target.

For the game, I’m debating if the lasso should slowly lose power over time or as it’s energy gets depleted or how it’s used. This would force the player to find ways of recharging the lasso during play.

Take it easy.


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Plasma Lasso Drawing