Sentinel Cannons

This is the model for one of the sentinel cannons. This and others will placed through out the levels.

I wrote a maya node that let me create pipes and deform them. These days I find writing a routine easier than trying to figure out how to do it in maya. Plus, as a bonus, I output optimized triangle strips.

Here the cannon is on a pedestal with some simple shading. The texture is skewed down the middle. Maybe I won’t worry about that right now.

Now to add some light and particle fx.

There’s an alignment problem with the launched ball, and the particle fx. I think I need to delay the ball by one frame.

Hopefully good enough for now.

Asset Catalog

I’m having a lot of issues with importing assets from different scenes in maya. Ideally I’d like to create assets separately and than import them into game level scenes. Unfortunately, copy/pasting complex dependency graphs in maya leaves a lot to be desired. It only really works with simple objects. When you get a lot of nodes and connections, things fall apart.

So I’m trying to come up with an asset catalog system, where the game searches a catalog for the objects it needs. Found objects would than load up on the game side, not the maya side. This should give maya a little boost in performance too. Less nodes the better.

Catalogs would be generic and will start with containing two types of objects: grenades and rigs. Grenades are destructible models, while rigs are destructible structures. All grenade/rig dependencies ( IE. curves, models, lights, particles etc. ) would be saved.  A stand-in model would be created so there is something to work with in maya too.

In maya, you would specify the asset by name and the stand-in model associated with it would be loaded up. In game, the asset would load as regular.

Sounds simple, but usually ends up being a nightmare.


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